History of BMX2004

BMX July 2004 

Toronto, Canada.

In the summer of ’02, a group of BMXers met in a Pub to host Lucindo Faria, who was vacationing in Toronto.  They reminisced the good old times at Britto’s and Xavier’s, and their conversation apparently went on to friends and colleagues of that era and their whereabouts.  Aided by ‘the brew and good spirits’ this conversation seemingly turned nostalgic, and an informal meeting of a few known buddies was immediately planned to work out the possibilities of a sort of a ‘small’ reunion of all those near & dear Brittonians, Xavierites and of course the girls from St. Mary’s.

Anatole France the noted French author and Nobel Laureate (Literature 1921) is known to have said “To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act”.  ‘Dream’ they did, all that was left to be done was ‘Act’.

This task was not going to be easy.  The committee was aware that there were a few previous attempts made in the past by other groups to organize a get-together which did not materialize for some reason or the other.

A few meetings followed, networking evolved, thanks to the Internet and Email, the committee grew into one large family, not just the BMXers, but their spouses too, and the rest as many of you know is history – The first BMX reunion was held in Toronto, a.k.a. BMX REUNION 2004.

Apart from a very successful week long reunion, the committee earmarked $25,000 in bursaries for meritorious students pursuing post high school education.  The first 8 recipients were selected early this year.  BMX has also identified itself within the Toronto mainstream.  We have donated $1000 to local charities, and since 2003 have been organizing annual picnics for BMXers, their families and friends at the Centennial Park.

‘Future Dreams’ include possible communal retirement plans and the possibility of enhancing financial assistance to deserving students or projects is on the cards.

George Bernard Shaw is known to have said, “you see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?”

What Mapuca has is a “live” Volcano.  No other town in the world has three well established institutions situated with such close proximity and producing such an abundance of Talent and intellect.  We all owe that to the sacrifice and dedication of our peers to whom we will always be indebted to.

The committee and their spouses:

Joe & Pam Nunes 

Remo & Marino Lobo

Rolfe & Albertina Fernandes 

Clara & Xavier Fernandes

Trevor & Rita D’Silva 

Max & Joan Menezes

Kevin & Lisette Saldanha 

Sidney & Monica Mendes

Aggie & Jenifa D’Mello 

Myra & Paul Remedios

Hyacinth & Freda D’Souza 

Joe & Sandra D’Souza

Stephen & Lorna Ribeiro